Top 3 Best Underwear For Pear Shaped 2023


When choosing underwear for pear-shaped, one factor that comes into your mind is the comfort and style option, which makes you feel confident. That’s why we come with a comprehensive guide about the best underwear for pear shaped. We have searched for the best seamless, well-fitting, trendy, and comfortable choices. 

Best Underwear For Pear Shaped

#1. Eversoft Cotton Brief Underwear 

best underwear for pear shaped

The Eversoft Cotton Brief is a comfortable and practical choice for many people. It is crafted from Eversoft Cotton, which provides a soft and luxurious feel against the skin, ensuring all-day-long comfort and peace. 

It is also essential to eliminate the annoyance of itching or irritation, which is why these underwear are best for extended wear. The breathable fabric makes these underwear stand out, which helps maintain a fresh and dry feeling, even in warm weather. 

Additionally, these Briefs are also available in plus sizes. Hopefully, these qualities will be enough to build your trust.


  • Eversoft Cotton
  • Tag-Free Design
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Plus Sizes Available
  • Trusted Brand


  • Limited Style Options
  • Sizing Variability
  • Durability

#2. Hanes Cotton Briefs Underwear 

best underwear for pear shaped

The Hanes Cotton Brief is a classic white that offers a practical and versatile undergarment option for women. These briefs are particularly designed for everyday comfort and convenience. 

It is made from soft and breathable cotton, which is critical in providing a perfect fit for all-day wear. Their classic white color ensures they can seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe. With Hanes’s reputation and quality, these briefs are a reliable choice for your comfort and confidence.


  • Value Pack
  • Comfortable Cotton
  • Versatile White Color
  • Available in Size 7 US
  • Hanes Quality


  • Limited Color Variety
  • Elastic Durability

#3. ASIMOON Womens Underwear

The Asimoon Women’s Underwear is famous for providing a blend of comfort, style and functionality for women. They are made from soft, stretchable cotton which ensure a snug yet breathable fit that doesn’t create muffin effect. This feature of this underwear is great for both comfort and confidence. 

The softness of the fabric is also crucial fir providing a gentle touch against the skin, which makes it suitable for all day long wear. 

The stretchable material which is used in this underwear is for security and flexibility fit. Designed to be both practical and fashionable, these ladies’ panties are available in various stylish colors and patterns, catering to individual preferences. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, ASIMOON’s underwear combines comfort and aesthetics to meet the diverse needs of today’s women.


  • Soft and Stretchable Cotton
  • No Muffin Top Effect
  • Breathable
  • Stylish Options
  • Suitable for Various Occasions


  • Elastic Durability
  • Sizing Consistency

Final Thoughts: Best Underwear For Pear Shaped

To wrap up our blog post about best underwear for pear shaped, we can say that when it comes to selecting a perfect underwear, it is essential to consider your personal preferences and needs. Ultimately, the choice among these underwear options depends on your specific needs, whether you prioritize comfort, cost-effectiveness, or style, and how these factors align with your personal preferences.

Hopefully, you would like the article. Tell us if you need something more. 

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